Creating Bespoke Colors

Creating Bespoke Colors
I've been hinting at this blog post for a few days now, and it's finally ready! Creating bespoke colors is just as easy as mixing up your milk paint! I'm a firm believer in zero waste and saving even the tiniest bit of milk paint powder pays off in the end to create beautiful new shades! Before we get started let's take a look at the minimal supplies you'll need! 
  • pen and paper to jot down your recipe
  • spoon or scoop to measure
  • milk paint powder in chosen colors to mix
  • mixing bowl
  • mini whisk
  • warm water
That's it! You're totally ready to get started. I'm going to be mixing equal parts Silo and Picket Fence for this Eastlake dresser project. I don't use tablespoon or cup measurements because it's easier to measure in parts for me. So one part Picket Fence goes in and one part Silo. 
Doesn't this look so pretty? I love how the powders are so gorgeous all on their own! At this point I mix up my milk paint powder to incorporate those pigments before adding water. 
You can kind of see here that the unmixed Silo is a bit darker on the left hand side than the mix of Picket Fence and Silo. Let's see how this looks on my Eastlake dresser! For a tutorial on this piece you can see my story Highlights on Instagram at our @oldbarnliving account! 
I LOVE IT!!! Seriously it's so fun to mix up your own blends of Old Barn Milk Paint! Below here I'll share and tag some of the post I've been sharing on Instagram from some fabulous furniture artists! 
This deep green was created by Katie @katiecloud
using some leftover greens and blues she had saved from past projects! 
Isn't this so dreamy?? I swoon!
This next piece is a gorgeous blue that Krissy @colorfulhomedesigns created using Chesterfield and Picket Fence, this color also inspired a new shade in our line that will be released soon! 
If you're in the mood for a pop of beautifu color, Krissy created this stunning Lilac shade using Chesterfield, Picket Fence, and Barn Red! Side note: Barn Red  is a GORGEOUS color to play around with! 
Can I also say that this is such a dreamy use of an old chair and I am on the hunt now for broken chairs to use for a fun project in the studio! 
If you're in the mood for an aqua blue, Krissy also created this light shade using Farmstead and French Linen
Another green stunner, this is Moss, Fiddle Leaf, and Picket Fence, layered and mixed to create one of my favorite OBMP pieces ever!!! 
Jen @finn_and_bo wanted to recreate the gorgeous shades of eucalyptus and mixed Farmstead and Silhouette for this beautiful blend! 
Last but not least here is the full reveal of my Eastlake dresser for those who wanted to see it! 
I hope you love it and all these gorgeous pieces as much as I do! Be sure to leave your questions in the comments, follow both our accounts on instagram and facebook, and tag #oldbarnmilkpaint #oldbarnliving to be featured! 
Happy painting friends!

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  • Aug 01, 2020

    when will you get weathervane and pistol Annie back in stock? Also I love the color that Chesterfield and picket fence made, you said it inspired a color coming soon, when will that come out and what is the name. I noticed the there is no longer picket fence.

    — Raquel Kuehne

  • May 07, 2018

    Found you on twitter and have the VINTAGE PAINTS AND PLASTERS STUDIO (.com) in Clovis, Ca. Always looking for bespoke colors to add to our reprortoire. Been a decorative painter for 30 years and opened studio for retirement. Already sell Old Fashioned Milk Paint, chalks and professional finishes and add to our list to be the place to go to for design. Joined the US GREEN council recently and you might be of interest to them also. Could you send me a color chart and info to become a dealer. This Saturday is a big flea market weekend and we have a booth there and it would be good to show off something new and exciting. My cel # 559 281 1834 thanks, Tom

    — Tom Terranova

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