Anthropologie Takeover

Anthropologie Takeover

     Some of you may have watched our Instagram Takeover with Anthropologie a few week ago! I was so shocked and excited when I got the call to see if I wanted to do an IG takeover for my local Anthropologie store, I couldn't believe they wanted ME to do it! Of course I said yes, immediately and then started the planning for how I would do this successfully and ruin their whole feed and vibe! 

     I first stalked their feed even more than normal to see what I liked and didn't like about previous takeovers. I realized immediately I'd need to hire a photographer. I contacted a few local and eventually decided to go with Alycia from Love Grace Imagery, she is AMAZING! I was so comfortable and happy during the photoshoot I almost didn't even realize I was having my photos done! Almost.... I am so shy and there are not many photos of me in existence because I just get so nervous!

     Alycia and I decided to do a color story for the takeover, I picked some of my favorite colors that i wanted to share and got busy! We had to paint our entire bedroom also so I could photograph by favorite black dresser.. 

     I was so happy to be able to share some of my favorite plants and this adorable sign my friend Kristy at The Painted Nest made for me. I love affirmations and want to create a whole affirmation wall somewhere in our house! With so many kids I think it is a great idea also! A couple of our boys self doubt and criticize themselves regularly and I am constantly telling them to say something positive about yourself! 

     Do you see all of those lovely plants?! I have a serious obsession, and am always finding new plants to love and propagating from old plants to create new little plantlets! I don't think you can really have too many plants in your house! I have 35+ plants just in our bedroom and LOVE IT! I'll have to share more photos once we are done decorating, I am waiting for a huge macrame wall hanging I commissioned from a super talented designer!! 

     Before we starting shooting for the Antrho takeover, Alycia and I met at the store to pick clothes to go along with the color story. I have to admit I was slightly overwhelmed with the whole process and am grateful she was there to guide me and also get me to try stuff that I was all heart eyes over but too self conscious to dare pick for myself! Those outfits turned out to be my faves! 

     This dresser I found at my lovely friend Kathy's shop The Flower Theory she has tons of amazing pieces and her floral arrangements are so unique and gorgeous!! I have myself on a weekly flower arrangement schedule because I just love fresh blooms! 

     When I got this dresser from her she had this lovely reclaimed wood top on it. With a fresh coat of OBMP in Amaranth it looks stunning! I am smitten for sure! I usually don't paint in such bright shades, but to be honest I really wanted to pair this outfit with a nice coral and show off our new Boho colors! 



     We did most of the photos here at home, but I wanted a change of scenery so we moved down to Kathy's shop and did some shots there. I found this old metal tool box she let me paint and as usual it turned out to be one of my favorite pieces! 

     I love these little 30 minute projects, you can really apply Milk Paint to anything, just add Bonding Cream if you're worried about chipping and as always have fun, it's just paint! 

     I am so excited to continue to collab with Anthro, I adore the store and am happy to announce we are having a workshop on Sept. 7th at the Broadway Plaza location! So come join me for a fun milk paint workshop in an absolutely beautiful setting! I hope to see all my local peeps there! Be sure to follow me on IG to see more details and upcoming events! 


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